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What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You. 

One in four male deaths are attributed to heart disease and half of American men are walking around with at least one of the key risk factors associated with heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and being a smoker. Establishing care with a primary care provider can help prevent sudden coronary disease, diabetes, and more by screening for key risk factors.

Avance Primary Care provides men’s health services, including wellness, preventive care, and treatment for medical conditions that are specific to men. We go beyond the standard yearly checkup by learning about your family history and your risk factors for diseases such as diabetes and prostate cancer.  All of our providers offer men’s health services that help you maintain optimal health.


What We Offer

Our providers bring years of experience in men’s health services and we can address many common problems at the primary care level.     We are proud to care for men during all the ages and stages of life.

Prostate Exams/ Prostate Cancer Screening

While prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men, if detected early, it can often be treated successfully. According to the American Cancer Society, one man in 36 will die of prostate cancer, while one man in 6 will get prostate cancer.

Early detection is vital but prostate cancer may not cause any early symptoms. Speak to your provider about your family history, risk factors, and if a yearly prostate exam is needed.


Prostatitis is the inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. The prostate gland, which is only in men, is located below the bladder and is instrumental in semen production. Prostatitis may be caused by a bacterial infection, or the cause may not be known.

Treatment may include antibiotics, alpha blockers, or pain relievers.

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction, or ED, makes it difficult for a man to get or maintain an erection. While it is more common among older men, it can occur at any age. Treatments for ED vary, and may be as simple as taking a pill, quitting smoking, or getting more exercise.

If you are experiencing ED, it is important to speak with your doctor, because ED can be indicative of other health problems such as clogged blood vessels or nerve damage.

Low Testosterone & Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Low testosterone, also called hypogonadism, can lead to infertility, loss of bone and muscle mass, and even cause emotional changes.  An estimated five million American men have low testosterone.  Most succesful treatment involves testosterone replacement therapy.
Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections

Although more common in women, UTIs in men do occur and are more likely with older age. Our healthcare providers can provide treatment with antibiotics.

STD Testing and Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HPV
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are common, but the types of STD testing you need may vary by your risk factors. Find out what’s recommended for you. If you’re sexually active, particularly with multiple partners, you’ve probably heard the following advice many times: Use protection and make sure you get tested. This is important because people can have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) without knowing it. In many cases, no signs or symptoms occur.

Learn More About STD Testing and Treatment.

Behavioral Wellness and Counseling Services

At Avance Care, we’re interested in much more than the absence of illness. Our Behavioral Wellness providers treat depression, psychological consequences of stress, mild anxiety disorder, and other non-emergent behavioral issues as deemed appropriate. They engage patients in an active therapeutic process that will help them grow in self-awareness and achieve appropriate balance.

Learn More About Behavioral Wellness and Counseling. 

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