Extended Hours Appointments

Care Management is a set of activities intended to improve patient outcomes and reduce the instances of unnecessary or expensive medical services by helping patients more effectively manage their health conditions.

By providing Care Management services, we believe we can improve the quality of care and can generate significant savings.

Having a single healthcare professional to contact who understands the complex healthcare system and your unique condition can make all the difference. This could be the difference between a weekend at home with your family or hours (or even days) at the hospital!

Who is Eligible for Care Management Service?

Avance Care patients with Medicare or Medicare Advantage with two or more chronic conditions are eligible for care management services. Example conditions include diabetes, hypertension, cancer, COPD, cardiac conditions (CHF, cardiomypopathy, CAD), asthma, arthritis, renal failure, etc.

Please ask your doctor to refer you to Avance Care’s CCM coordinator or call (919) 237-1337. 

Patient Services

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